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Terms of Use

The ArtnetControl app is intented as a handy tool while setting up your lighting set, checking it and if nessecary troubleshooting. It is not designed to be used for live show control. Any use of ArtnetControl in a live situation may cause unwanted actions of any of the network nodes, fixtures, controllers, etc.

Altough the ArtnetControl app is able to transmit ArtDmx, and therefore is able to control lighting fixtures, it is not aware of any limitions or demands of the devices being controled. The app merely transmits the commands being entered. The user has to be aware of all relevant aspects before entering a command. Execution of commands outside a device's limitations or physical freedom of movement may cause unwanted actions of any device or defects.

The Art-Net ethernet protocol is primarily designed to control lighting and video devices, but other applications are possible. The ArtnetControl's Discovery tool and ArtDmx monitor can be used in any type of application. The ArtnetControl's ArtDmx Controller is exclusively inteded for lighting purpose. Use in any other type of application may have unwanted effects.

Specifically the use of the ArtDmx Controller to controle motors, hoists, lifts, platforms, or any other kind of application considered hoisting or lifting is forbidden. In general it is strongly recommended not to use any devices or software in the same network with machinary for hoisting or lifting application, other than those provided and approved by the manufacturer of the hoisting/lifting-installation.

Privacy Policy

The ArtnetControl app does not collect any personally identifiable in any way. There is technology implemented to collect data about the usage of the ArtnetControl app, provided by Facebook. This data can be used for ad targeting. Users can opt-out of the collection and use of information for this purpose by turning on the device's limit ad tracking setting.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Apple's standard EULA applies to all versions of the ArtnetControl app, in all territories. You can read it here.